Our core product is called the Power Pack - a catalyst that without the use of electricity or mechanical parts, has an effect on substances such as water, air, grease, oil and gas. The Power Pack works technically in such a way that it absorbs the static electricity in the substance it is associated with, and can thereby change the substance. Together with specially developed accessories, a Power Pack can be installed in a number of different contexts. The Power Pack does not require maintenance or service. The Power Pack is approved for use in connection with drinking water, hot water and water for technical use in accordance with the building regulations as well as food.

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Engine Room

A beautifull horizontal graphic view of the bow of a large ship in port. It would make a great image forf anything involving international shipping; transportation; industrial cargo or ferry.

Lower emissions, fuel consumption and operating costs

Treatment of Engine Oil

Intake Air

Hydraulic oil

Cooling Water

Air compressors

Reefer container / Reefer Vessel

Stacked containers in a shipping terminal

By installing a Power Pack on a cold room or a heat pump you will achieve conditions that do not exist anywhere else on the world market. It is very quick to install, and the effect is measurable.

Cold room and heatpumps.

Mounted on compressor

Additional Areas

Aerial front view of a heavy loaded container cargo ship in full motion on open sea against sunlight

Whether you want to reduce the grease coatings in your ventilation ducts from the galley or you have other major problems with grease, a Power Pack with the correct mounting bracket can help you solve these problems.

Sewage, pumps and drains

Cold room and heatpumps.


Controllable Pitch Propeller (CPP)


Wind turbine from aerial view. Sustainable development, environment friendly concept. Wind turbine give renewable energy, sustainable energy, alternative energy. Wind sustainability energy.

Many wind turbines have problems with too high temperatures in the gears and oil. When installing a Power Pack, most problems are solved quickly and efficiently. The Power Pack is easy to install and does not damage the equipment.

Cruise ships

luxury white cruise ship shot at angle at water level on a clear day.

Cruise ship is no exception when it comes to a Powerpack. The equipment can solve many of the operational problems in connection with galley engine rooms, ventilation, cooling and heating as well as water treatment. Assembly is quick and requires no maintenance.

Cold room and heat pump.

Sewage, pumps and drains



Fishing boats

A supply vessel transporting goods and people to Offshore rigs, Malaysia

When installing a Power Pack Cool, it will be possible to achieve longer durability on fish on board and reduce the operating costs for refrigeration systems.


Gear & oil


hvad er Viskositet?

Viskositet er den indre modstand, der opstår i en væske når et lag af molekyler bevæger sig i forhold til et andet. Den indre modstand er friktionen mellem væskens molekyler (elektrostatiske intermolekylære bindinger) når disse bevæger sig mellem hinanden.

Når modstanden mod at flyde er lille betragtes væsken at have en lav viskositet, og når modstanden mod at flyde er stor betragtes væsken at have en høj viskositet. En væskes viskositet er temperaturafhængig.

Påstand ved PowerPack behandler olie; Fuldsyntetisk olie opfører sig ligesom mineralsk olie med adjektiver over for vand molekyler således at vandindholdet i olien bruges som kuglelejer, også kaldet makro-molekyler. Indhold af makro-molekyler – meget store molekyler – forbedrer oliens smøreevne meget væsentligt. En effekt på >70% er nævnt.

Normalt når varmen går op i et hydrauliksystem/gearkasse går viskositeten ned hvilket medfører nedsat smøreevne og samtidig vil det betyde en dårligere virkningsgrad.

Ved PowerPack behandlet olie fjernes den statiske elektricitet (elektrostatiske intermolekylære bindinger) og derved sænkes viskositeten, makro-molekyler dannes, smøreevne forbedres, slidt mindskes, temperatur sænkes og virkningsgrad bevares. Man vil derfor opleve en koldere olie, koldere lejer og sliddele samt væsentlig nedsat slid.  

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